Welcome Home!
Welcome to Mountain Top Cowboy Church – a place that feels like home from the moment you walk in. The atmosphere is casual, but we are anything but casual in our teaching of the gospel and our commitment to growing and disciplining the body of Christ. Sure, you’ll see a few cowboys hats, some folks in boots and jeans, but we care more about what’s in your heart than what’s on your head. Join us for services, fellowships, Bible studies, arena events, or any of our many community events.
Come as a guest. Leave as a friend. Return as family.  
8:30 a.m. Coffee, Donuts, & Fellowship 
Services:  9 a.m. Sunday
followed by adult Bible studies
Sunday services will be posted the Sunday following its recording on  Facebook page and  YouTube.
Mid-Week Services
         Meal Served at 5:30 p.m.
6:30 p.m. Wednesdays
Youth Group
(for school-age students)
6:15 p.m. Wednesdays
Meal Provided
Make Plans to Join us Easter Weekend!
6 p.m. Friday, March 29: Good Friday Communion
4 p.m. Saturday, March 30: Paul Daily, Wild Horse Ministries, Colt Starting, at the arena, followed by a free dinner.
6:30 p.m. Saturday, March 30: Evangelist Tim Lee
6:45 a.m. Sunday, March 31, Easter Sunrise Service at the arena
9 a.m. Sunday, March 31, Easter Morning Worship Service with special music and Evangelist Tim Lee





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Q & A
Q: Why name your church (Cowboy Church)?
A: When a church is planted, it has a DNA, a culture that they hold as a value. Are most of our folks cowboys? Not really. Many attend services in casual dress. It’s not so much about wearing jeans and boots to church. It’s more about a code. The Cowboy code of conduct was to honor women, with the tipping of the hat and holding them in high esteem. It was having an attitude of being kind to others and helping a neighbor who was down on their luck. It was speaking your words with a yea and a nay. It was taking a stand for what was believed to be right, and never backing down from that. It was always a spirit that believed that God gave us this nation and all the freedoms that came with it. So, it’s not so much about how you dress but what’s in your heart. It’s a spirit that when prayers are spoken, hats come off in honor of our Savior. It’s a spirit that when the American Flag comes by we stand, we salute and remove the hats, all in thanks and honor for what He has given. Actually, we like to think there is a little Cowboy church in every church in town.

Q: Why does your church fly an American flag ?

A: Because, we are Americans. We realize there is a movement in churches today to not display the American flag as it could be offensive. While it is never our intention to do anything to offend others, we believe that God allowed the formation of this nation to have a people that pray to Him, that honor His blessings upon us, and that there would be a nation who understands and demonstrates freedom as coming from the Lord Himself.

Q: What does MTCC believe about abortion ?
A: We believe that life begins before conception. Both David and Jeremiah addressed the beginning of life. Jesus loved children and made it clear that there would be judgement upon anyone who hurt a child. Abortion is not a political issue…it is a moral one, therefore every church should speak out to its community about the gruesome reality and sin in destroying our own children.

Q: Does your church address the LGBTQ lifestyle ?

A: MTCC cannot pick and choose sins they want to be for or against. No church has any right to do that. Sin is sin. The Bible is our authority. Our opinion carries no more weight than any other church. We do believe that the Scriptures are clear that this lifestyle has stepped outside Gods purpose and plan for marriage, which is “a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall cleave for his wife”. Genesis 2:24 Jesus also spoke to this is Mark 10:6 “ in the beginning He created male and female, for the purpose of marriage.